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Our suite of services is meticulously crafted to elevate your business efficiency and ensure unparalleled success. From seamless data aggregation and precise investment performance measurement to insightful AI-powered solutions, our offerings span comprehensive reporting, streamlined accounting, and payroll processing. We specialize in optimizing workforce management through tailored HR services and navigating the complex regulatory landscape with robust compliance solutions. Trust FirstRate Infotech to be the catalyst for innovation, efficiency, and unwavering success in your business journey. 

Our Data Aggregation service is the cornerstone of modern wealth management technology. Seamlessly collecting and consolidating financial data from diverse sources, we empower advisors with a comprehensive view to make informed decisions and deliver personalized advice.

Evaluate the triumph of your investment strategies with our Investment Performance Measurement service. Our wealth management technology platform provides accurate, timely, and compliant performance analytic reports, enabling you to assess success, identify improvements, and enhance client satisfaction.

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence with our AI-Powered Investment Insights. Our advanced technology analyses vast data sets, identifies patterns, provides actionable intelligence for making informed investment decisions and optimizing portfolios.

Experience seamless reporting with our Reporting as a Service. Our platform automates the generation of comprehensive investment reports, offering customizable reporting templates tailored to your specific needs. Saves time, resources, and enhances client experiences effortlessly. 

Outsource your accounting and payroll tasks to FirstRate Infotech and witness efficiency in financial management. Our experienced team ensures accurate, timely, and compliant financial services, allowing you to focus on core business functions.

Explore our comprehensive HR Services tailored to diverse industry needs. From recruitment to payroll processing, our team of experts streamlines HR operations, offering cost-effective solutions to optimize workforce management.

Navigate the complex regulatory landscape with our Compliance Services. We specialize in developing and implementing robust compliance programs, mitigating risks, and ensuring adherence to laws, regulations, and industry standards.

Outsource your compliance tasks to our dedicated team for risk mitigation and enhanced efficiency. We provide cost-effective solutions, ensuring your business adheres to regulations while allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives.  

At FirstRate Infotech, we are committed to revolutionizing your business operations. Explore our comprehensive services and let us propel your journey to success. Contact us today to embark on a journey of efficiency, compliance, and unparalleled growth.

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First Rate Firsts

Growing our global impact

Our portfolio and footprint are growing around the world.

A presence on four continents, and over the coming years, we will continue to expand our global footprint. Through our continuous innovation, our customers are able to more easily manage the most internationally diverse and complex portfolios. The way we see it, no corner of the financial world should be beyond reach.

Praveen Kumar Pagadala


Jessica Pagadala

General Manager, FirstRate Infotech