Mobile Applications


Android phones make up the majority of smartphones in the world, but these are supported by many different phone and tablet manufacturers, leading to fragmentation. First Rate has an extensive history of dealing with these issues, allowing app to fully take advantage of Android’s strengths. We are experts in generating APK files as requirement need.



Websites and Web Applications
Websites shows your vision, mission and progress in your business, It must be a reflection of your organization, your vision and objectives, and your purpose and style.
At First Rate, An ever-growing set of tools and technologies have helped developers build more dynamic and interactive websites. Further, web developers now help to deliver applications as web services which were traditionally only available as applications on a desk-based computer. This has allowed for many opportunities to decentralize information and media distribution
At First Rate, we assist you in developing this image of your organization. Our designers help you select content, ensuring that your message is consistent and includes key phrases that will work to retrieve your unique information from the search engines. Our graphics team will select or create graphics that appeal to your audience. We also recognize the need for a consistent appearance across multiple devices. We can also help you obtain critical marketing information if your system observes and reports on visitors, perhaps leading to follow-up emails and sales calls.
First Rate Info Tech look at the growth of the client business and provide good analysis on client business, does your company have a desktop application? In all likelihood, your customers are increasingly demanding that you develop a web version of that application. We can help with that. First Rate has a long history of developing both custom web applications, as well as modifying off-the-shelf solutions for a broad range of customers.

Managed Services
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Amplify your application maturity through proven processes and resourcesImage result for managed services simplify your IT landscape with robust and reliable infrastructure management solutions Robotic Process Automation is proving to be the ideal tools for helping every industry achieve the competitive edge.
At First Rate Managed Service bring not only practical delivery of a predictable service model and cost to quickly and effectively deliver new IT service to an enterprise, but also enhance the stability and peace of mind for IT and business leaders alike.
The task of delivering new business services to the enterprise while keeping costs controlled is a difficult task in the modern business environment. A managed service is a great strategy to help your IT organization be highly resilient, and cost predictable, fiscal year to fiscal year. Managed Service complement and do not replace existing staff but rather free those valuable resources to lead and deliver on the strategic IT programs necessary to advance business goals. In larger organizations, a Managed Services will help your resources to focus on more strategic projects. You can rest assured that your company is minimizing the risks associated with maintaining client data and sensitive competitive information and more with todays managed service offerings.

Software Testing
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At First Rate we have certified Software testers and Engineers will look in keen observation of software quality of any product before we submit to the client/customer. We will make sure of all levels perform on product or project, levels of testing that we perform at first rate.